Registration for the 2014 Seattle Christmas Bird Count is now OPEN.

The 2014 CBC will take place on Saturday, December 27. If you'd like to take part, please register here.

Have a young family? Don't want to, or can't leave the warmth of your home? Become a CBC Feeder Watcher and count birds at your bird feeder. Mark 'feeder watcher' during registration.

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Threatened Marbled Murrelets Lose Court Battle

See the letter from the Seattle Audubon Conservation Committee.

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The Nature Shop

Where the profits are for the birds! 


The Birds of Vashon Island

Ed Swan's new wonderful book on the natural history of birds on Vashon.

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2015 Birds of Birdnote Calendar

Truly gorgeous images from the popular radio program.

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Stokes Squirrel Proof Feeder

Great for woodpeckers and songbirds, not so great for squirrels. 

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