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Upcoming Field Trips

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Note: The fees associated with May trips are donations to Seattle Audubon, not a fee-for-service, and tax-deductible.

Sunday, May 26
Umtanum Creek Recreational Area
Leaders: Tiffany (day of trip cell 206-491-3148) and Tor Linbo
Birdathon Donation: $25
Meeting Point: 6:00AM, Uncovered Tibbetts Lot (1675 Newport Way NW), across the street from the 3-story parking structure at Issaquah Transit Center
Limit: 6 in 2 cars
Trip accessibility: 1 (leisurely pace with many stops), C (dirt hiking trail with gentle incline), 6 miles walking, moderate driving with minimal in-and-out.

Prepare to hike 6 miles through sage-steppe, riparian, Ponderosa pine, and open meadows up Umtanum Creek. Elevation gain is gradual, but there are a couple of shallow stream crossings. Birds we hope to see include Yellow-breasted Chat, Prairie Falcon, Lazuli Bunting, Bullock's Oriole, and Lewis’s Woodpecker. Wear hiking footwear and lightweight clothing that covers legs and ankles. Bring lunch, water and snacks; back late afternoon. Parking fee payable at the parking lot or National Parks Pass required for each car. Carpool cost: $60 shared equally by riders. This trip is full. To join the wait list, click the SIGN UP button (above) and add the WAIT LIST option to your cart.


Saturday, June 1
Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, Shoreline, WA
Leader: Joe Sweeney
Meeting Point: 8:00AM, parking lot at the bottom of the entrance road, near the restrooms
Limit: 10
Trip Accessibility: 1 (leisurely, many stops to observe), C (hiking trails with gently rolling hills and some steps); 2-3 miles walking, with no in-and-out of vehicles

Expect to walk 2–3 leisurely paced miles, including some hills and steps. We will first walk the main paths and steps in this very scenic park. Then, we’ll return to our cars, grab our spotting scopes, and walk the short distance to the beach for some seabird watching overlooking the Puget Sound. The weather is usually cooler on the beach, so wear layers and rain gear, if necessary. Bring binoculars, of course, and a scope, if you have one. (We will share spotting scopes, so it’s not a problem if you don’t have one). Please bring along your sense of humor, but leave your pets at home, even if they have a good sense of humor.  Over by 10:30am.

Sunday, June 2
Birding by Ear at Evans Creek Preserve
Leader: Jean Olson
Meeting Point: 6:30AM at Green Lake (Ravenna) Park & Ride or 7:30AM at Evans Creek Preserve in Redmond
(Indicate at time of registration where you plan to meet leaders)
Limit: 7
Trip Accessibility: 1 (leisurely walking, mostly sitting and listening), B (dirt paths and a few boardwalks, some uphill walking), about 1 mile walking with no in-and-out of vehicles

Evans Creek Preserve has a diversity of habitat types, including wetland, meadows and forest. We will be walking and sitting listening to birds. We will be focusing on getting to know the songs of local birds, so much of the time will be spent quietly listening or talking about songs and calls. Bring a camp chair or stool (there are benches in some locations), a notebook to take notes on bird songs if you wish, water, binoculars and snacks. We will return by early afternoon. Carpool cost is $13 shared by passengers. This trip is full. To join the wait list, click the SIGN UP button (above) and add the WAIT LIST option to your cart.

Sunday, June 2
Kittitas County, Columbia Slope, Birder’s Corner, Othello and the Potholes
Leaders: Gary Kelsberg (day of trip cell: 206-819-6930) and Jeanelle Richardson
Meeting Point: 6:00AM, southwest corner of the Issaquah Transit Center's first floor
Limit: 9    
Trip Accessibility: 1 (leisurely walking, mostly short distances from car to side of road), B (mostly firm dirt, pavement, gravel, although at two stops we will walk on uneven dirt paths for up to half a mile with a moderate grade), About 1-2 miles walking for the day with frequent in-and-out of vehicles

During a long day in the field, we'll bird on the Columbia Slope and in the Potholes region with multiple stops, including the Quilomene Wildlife Area and Birder’s Corner. We’ll look for Sandhill Cranes, Black-necked Stilts, Burrowing Owls, and returning waterfowl and shorebirds. Bring appropriate clothing – comfortable shoes, adequate layers, and at least a wind breaker. Also bring plenty of snacks, lunch, and money for dinner en route home because we'll be back late evening. Drivers will need a Discover Pass. Carpool Cost: $100 per car shared equally by passengers. This trip is full. To join the wait list, click the SIGN UP button (above) and add the WAIT LIST option to your cart.

Sunday, June 9
Umptanum Creek Recreational Area
Leaders: Deb Heiden and Jean Trent (day of trip cell: (206)369-9602)
Meeting time and place: 6:00AM Green Lake (Ravenna) P&R or 6:45AM Issaquah P&R
(Indicate at time of registration where you plan to meet leaders)
Limit: 10 in 3 cars
Trip accessibility: 1/2 (leisurely to moderate walking over short distances mostly near the cars), B (mostly firm dirt or gravel surfaces), 1-2 miles walking with several stops getting in and out of vehicles

Join Deb and Jean exploring along Umptanum Road out of Ellensburg searching for a variety of passerines. This trip takes us through shrub- steppe habitat along the Bluebird trail, through Ponderosa pine forests and riparian wetlands. Possible species could include Yellow-breasted Chat, Chuckar, Prairie Falcon, Lazuli Bunting, and Lewis Woodpecker, warblers, flycatchers, Kestrels, sage thrashers and bluebirds amongst many others. Bring lunch/drinks; back late afternoon, early evening. Car pool cost $50 shared equally by passengers. This trip is full. To join the wait list, click the SIGN UP button (above) and add the WAIT LIST option to your cart.

Friday, June 21
South Cle Elum Ridge
Leader: Lee Barnes
Meeting Point: 6:00AM, uncovered Tibbetts Lot (1675 Newport Way NW), across from Issaquah P&R
Limit: 11
Trip Accessibility: 1-2 (leisurely to moderate walking with breaks to stop and observe, mostly near the cars), B (firm dirt and gravel surfaces), 1-2 miles walking with several stops getting in-and-out of vehicles

South Cle Elum Ridge includes numerous habitats and the largest breeding bird diversity for Washington. Over 100 bird species were confirmed or possible breeders in this section. We'll search wetlands around Cle Elum for swallows, warblers, and Wood Ducks. Check the feeders in town for Rufous, Black-chinned and Calliope Hummingbirds, as well as Cassin's and House Finches. Then we'll proceed up along Taneum Creek to the forests above I-90. Everything from Veeries and Canyon Wrens to Williamson's Sapsuckers and Evening Grosbeaks have been observed on this leg of the journey. Finally a great view of the Cle Elum Valley and North Cascades from the high point of our trip. The high country part of the trip depends on the snow conditions and may have to be abandoned if snow-covered roads are encountered. Bring lunch. We'll return between 5-6 p.m. Scopes and cameras welcome. The wildflower bloom should be starting. Carpool cost $45 shared equally by passengers. Bring Forest Service Trailhead Pass or National Parks Pass, if you have one. This trip is full. To join the wait list, click the SIGN UP button (above) and add the WAIT LIST option to your cart.

Saturday, June 22
Redmond Watershed Preserve
Leaders: Jan Bragg (206-234-7196, day of trip only)
Meeting Point: 9:00AM, Green Lake (Ravenna) P&R or 9:45AM, Redmond Watershed Preserve, 21760 NE Novelty Hill Rd
(Indicate at time of registration where you plan to meet leaders)
Limit: 10
Trip accessibility: 1 (leisurely pace), C (dirt hiking trails with gentle rolling hills), about 5 miles walking, vehicles to get to the Preserve without additional stops

This will be good for people wanting to listen to bird songs and calls of a very few select species. It will be more of a hike than a bird walk, but it is a beautiful forest if you have never been there.  We will likely hear more birds than we see.  Species to hope for:  Red-breasted Sapsucker, Pileated Woodpecker, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Brown Creeper, Pacific Wren, Swainson's Thrush, Cedar Waxwing, Western Tanager, Wilson’s Warbler.  Expect a hike over uneven dirt trails with tree roots, uphill and down, steady climb on return walk. Bring water and snacks/lunch. Drivers will want a Good to Go! Pass.  Over mid-afternoon. Carpool cost $10.00 + 520 bridge toll shared equally by passengers.

Saturday, June 22, 2019
Protection Island Sunset Birding Cruise
Leader:  George Gerdts
5:15PM - 8:30PM (in the evening), City Dock in Port Townsend
Trip Accessibility: 0 (Sitting or standing on boat with restroom), A (mostly level, but on a boat), no walking or vehicle travel

Cruise in comfort to PROTECTION ISLAND, with George Gerdts as leader/naturalist.  The “Glacier Spirit” is a comfortable, diesel-powered yacht. It has a P.A. system which allows announced sightings to be heard from both inside and outside the ship. There is excellent viewing from inside the craft and ample viewing space outside on the front deck. Protection Island is a 400 acre National Wildlife Refuge at the entrance to Discovery Bay. It is a very special place, indeed—over 70% of the marine birds which nest in Puget Sound make Protection Island their breeding ground. Some 6000 pairs of Glaucous-winged Gulls, 22,000 pairs of Rhinoceros Auklets, thousands of Pigeon Guillemots, Double-crested and Pelagic Cormorants and sometimes, Brandt's Cormorants, too; and a few pairs of Black Oystercatchers nest on the island. One of the main attractions is the nesting colony of the outrageous TUFTED PUFFIN —- some 20-30 pairs nest in the bluffs. The concentrations of birds can be truly spectacular. Harbor Seals use the remote and protected site as a major haul-out area. Other marine mammal sightings are also possible. We expect to get good looks at all the nesting birds, plus a Bald Eagle or two, and, of course, great scenery. The Glacier Spirit leaves from Port Townsend at 5:30 p.m. sharp and returns between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. Boarding will start at 5:15 p.m. Soft drinks, and snacks will be provided, but feel free to bring your own light dinner; and dress in appropriate layers. The Strait can be very cool, even in June.  
To register for this trip only: Call Bainbridge Island Parks at 206-842-2302 to register. Ask for class 131851-01, "PROTECTION ISLAND SUNSET BIRDING CRUISE". Or register via the Bainbridge Island Parks webpage. To find the trip, you need to search for this activity number: 131851, and create a registrant account to reach the check-out process. Cost is $90.00 of which 20% will be donated to SAS for each member who signs up.  There is a $5.00 fee for non-Bainbridge Island residents.  Youth aged 10-17 can attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Credit cards accepted. The day-of the trip, you will be asked if you are affiliated with SAS as you board the boat.


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