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Seattle Audubon Volunteer Awards

President’s Award: Honors a special individual within the Seattle Audubon community who has provided exceptional dedication and service to the organization. 

Hero of the Flock: Honors a peer-nominated volunteer who has inspired other volunteers through their service to Seattle Audubon.

Education Award: Recognizes an individual in the greater Seattle community whose work inspires students of all ages to love, respect, and protect nature.

Conservation Award: Given to an individual in the greater Seattle community who has made a unique and significant contribution to the protection of birds and wildlife habitat, using creative means for engaging and inspiring the public. 

Science Award: Honors an individual in the greater Seattle community who has made a significant contribution to our knowledge of the birds and wildlife habitat of our region, through publications or other means of disseminating scientific information.

Seattle Audubon Award: Honors a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to birds and nature.

Seattle Audubon recognizes individuals who demonstrate steadfast service to and for birds and nature. 

Etta Cosey, President’s Award
Grace Rajendran, Hero of the Flock
Brett Eaton, Education 
Judy Bowes, Conservation & Science

Andrew Schepers & Karina Rose, President’s Award
Deb Heiden, Hero of the Flock
The Classes Committee: Dick Holcomb, Jen Kunitsugu, Dan McDougall-Treacy, Jen Steele, Maureen Traxler, Education 
Deb Heiden, Conservation

Andrew Jacobson, Hero of the Flock
Alan Grenon, Education
*awarded at the 2021 volunteer event

Rod Brown, President’s Award
Virginia Morrison, Hero of the Flock
Malcolm Griffes, Education 
Robyn Thomas, Education 
Constance Sidles, Conservation

Jerry Joyce, Science 

Jill Ericsson, President’s Award
Neil Zimmerman, Hero of the Flock
Kersti Muul, Education 
Maria Mudd Ruth, Conservation 
Alan Humphrey, Science

Ezra Parker, Science 

Diane de Ryss, President’s Award
Steve Dang, Hero of the Flock
Teri Martine, Education 
Judith Leconte, Conservation 
Jean Olson, Science 

Jean Trent, Seattle Audubon Award
Herb Curl, President’s Award
Pamela Harlow, Service Award

Virginia Bound, Seattle Audubon Award
Charlie Kahle, President’s Award

Colene McKee, Seattle Audubon Award
Chris Karrenberg, President’s Award

Marilyn Sandall, Conservation
Jan Bragg, President’s Award

D. Eric Harlow, Conservation and Education
Karen Adair, President’s Award

Barb Deihl, Education
Dr. Kim McCormick, Education
Dr. John Bower, Science
Dr. Raelene Gold, Conservation
Mary Rogers, President’s Award
Japhy Whalen, Education
Arther Kruckeberg, Science
Maple Leaf Community Council, Conservation
Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder Day School, Conservation
Virginia Morrison, President’s Award
Penny Rose, Education
Paulette Hunter, Conservation
Susie Shaefer, Conservation
Mike Blackbird, Conservation
Jim Rettig, Conservation
Larry Schwitters, Conservation
Marina Skumanich, Conservation
Dr. Gordon Orians, Science
Alan Humphrey, President’s Award
Andy Pickard, Education
Rod Brown, Conservation
Dr. Julia Parrish, Science
Richard Youel, President’s Award
Susanna Stodden (posthumously), Education
Jerry Joyce, Conservation
Dr. Dennis Paulson, Science
Russell Steele, President’s Award
Kevin Li (posthumously), Conservation
Martha Nester, Education
Dr. Hal Opperman, Science
Miriam Williams, President’s Award
2005 – first year for Science Award
Donna Kostka and Heidi Carpine, Conservation
Barron S. Levine, Education
Dr. Victor B. Scheffer, Science
Neil Zimmerman, President’s Award
Suzanne Krom, Recognition
Herb Curl, Conservation Award
Anita Lagerberg, Education
Jeff Anderson, President’s Award
Secondary Bilingual Opportunities Center (Tadesse Gobu, Joan Irvin, Lori Leberer, Judy Nakamura, Irene Rodriquez, and Linda Zbigley), Education
Russell Link, Conservation
Brenda Senturia, Conservation
Chris Altwegg, President’s Award
Eileen McMackin, Education
Gretchen Chambers and Vicki Bjorkman, Conservation
Genevieve Rechamp & Earthcare Northwest Mailing Team, President’s Award
Janet Sherwood, Education
Michelle Roedell, Conservation
Pat Vivian, President’s Award
Janice Hunt, Education
Lynn Ferguson, Conservation
Idie Ulsh, President’s Award
Len Kashner, Education
Fred and Anne Weinman, Conservation
Phil Mattocks, Lifetime Achievement
Barbara Schnabel, Education
Chris Peterson, President’s Award
Dennis Paulson, Education
Dana Lyons, Environment
Mark Boyar, Habitat
Carolee Colter, Conservation/Habitat Preservation
Jim Jontz, Conservation/Ancient Forests
Ken Weiner, Conservation/Growth Management
David Koon, Conservation/WETNET
Ellen Blackstone, President’s Award
Senator Cal Anderson, Environmentalist of the Year
Rev. Carla Berkendal, Environmentalist of the Year
Janet Dawes, Environmentalist of the Year
Chuck Lennox, Environmentalist of the Year
Katherine Ransel, Environmentalist of the Year
Idie Ulsh, Environmentalist of the Year
Eleanor Grant, President’s Award
Kristina Schoyen, Activist
Sam Shaffer, Activist
Gery Nunnelee, Education
David Hutchinson, President’s Award
Chuck Lennox, Conservation
Dr. Steve Herman, Evergreen State College, Wildlife
John Beal, Hamm Creek Reclamation, Citizen Activist
Susan Krom, Black River Heronry, Citizen Activist
Les Welsh, Lighthawk Director, Ancient Forest Overview
Jennifer Belcher, State Senator, Environment Defender
Ron Sims, King County Council, Environment Supporter
Jeff Parsons, WA State Audubon Society’s Lobbyist, Issues Coordinator
Curt Schmitch, WA Dept. of Wildlife, Wildlife/Environment
Dean Druggee, Bellevue Schools Teacher, Puppets/Forests
Dee Arntz, Seattle Audubon, Co-Award for WETNET Program
Barbara Douma, Seattle Audubon, Co-Award for WETNET Program
Bob & Eleanor Grant, Seattle Audubon, President’s Award
Steve Penland, WA State Dept. of Wildlife, Backyard Sanctuary
James Baker, Friends of the Earth, Activist
Darlene Madenwald, WEC Forest Practices, Co-Award Activist
Marcy Golde, WEC Forest Practices, Co-Award Activist
Bonnie Phillips-Howard, Pilchuck Audubon, Activist
Keith Ervin, Seattle Times Reporter, Environmental Friend
Chris Luboff, WA Toxics Coalition, Activist’s Organization
Rick Rutz, Seattle Audubon, President’s Award
Jerry Adams, Seattle Audubon, Environmentalist of the Year
Michael Rossotto, Friends of the Earth, Environmentalist of the Year
Mike Lowry, US Congress, Environmentalist of the Year
Gordon Orians, Insti. Environ. Studies, Environmentalist
Daryl Scheibel, Wetlands Watch, Environmental Activist
Kathy Fletcher, Puget Sound Water Quality, Environmentalist
Mike Layton, Seattle Times Reporter, Environmental Friendly
Joan Thomas, WA Environ. Council, Environmental Activist
Thero North, Seattle Audubon, President’s Award
Eileen Bryant, Seattle Audubon, President’s Award
Nancy Kroening, Seattle Audubon, President’s Award
Vic Sher, Todd True, and Andy Stahl, Sierra Club Legal Defense, Ancient Forests
Curt Smitch, Governor’s Staff, Environmentalist
Betty Tabutt, WEC Lobbyist, Environmentalist
Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times, Environment Friend


Harriet Allen, State Dept. of Wildlife, Owl Friend
Frank Gaffney, Environmentalist
Nancy Rust, State Legislator, Environment Friend
Mike Todd, State Legislator, Environment Friend
Liz Tennant, Seattle Audubon, Toxics Advisory Committee

Jo Roberts, Mountaineers, Environmentalist
Jack DeYonge, PI Writer, Environment Friend
F. Lorraine Bodi, National Marine Fisheries, Environment Friend
George Johnson, Activist and Sales
Carol Potter, President’s Award
David Ortman, Activist
Laura Stone, Day Camp Director
Tim Hill and Maureen Sullivan, King County Government, Environmental
Lorna Campion, Environment
Tom Campion, Ancient Forests
Nancy Rust, Environment Friend
Ken Jacobsen, Environment Friend
Mike Lowry, Environment Friend
Lynn Korn, Ancient Forests
Joe LaTourette, Wildlife Friend
Wilma Anderson, Seattle Audubon Past President
Pam Crocker-Davis, Seattle Audubon Lobbyist and Founding of WA State Audubon Office
Thero North
Bob and Eleanor Grant, Volunteers of the Year

Seattle Audubon Volunteer Awards