Creating a Backyard Habitat

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Our backyards bring us enjoyment beyond description. Whether to provide a quite place to sit, an active space for BBQ’s with friends and family or a place to grow some fresh food, our backyards are a sanctuary to express ourselves and our lives. Our yards also provide huge opportunities to help enhance the environmental health and quality of our neighborhoods. 

Creating gardens that support and attract wildlife help to build urban diversity, species survival and of visual enjoyment. Simply adding trees can help reduce climate impacts, and adding a rain garden can reduce urban flooding. This page identifies some effective ways to enhance your yard for wildlife and environmental health.


Gardening for Life (Seattle Audubon): One of Seattle Audubon’s long standing efforts to help homeowners create backyard gardens to attract and promote healthy bird populations. Find out how to create a garden that is easier to maintain and attracts numerous birds to your yards for enjoyment. 

Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary: The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website that explains how to create and certify your backyard as a wildlife sanctuary. 

Garden for Wildlife: The National Wildlife Federation’s website on how to create and certify your backyard as a wildlife sanctuary. This page also describes how you can help create neighborhood wildlife sanctuaries. 

Common Garden Questions: Provides insight into 23 common garden questions that we have compiled over the years.