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Class recordings are available for one month past the live class date. For class series, the recordings are available for one month past the last live class session.

Current members of our local Seattle Audubon chapter receive a 20% discount on online classes as a benefit of annual membership. More online sessions will be listed as they are scheduled.

Online Class: Introduction to Flycatchers of the PNW with Hans deGrys
Date: Thursday, May 18 from 7:30-9:30pm
Tickets: $20 with sliding scale
More than a dozen species of flycatchers migrate north to Washington state each spring to breed and raise their chicks.  While flycatchers are notorious for being similar to each other and challenging to identify, most of our flycatcher species are actually quite distinct, with differing field marks, vocalizations, habits, and natural histories.  This class will focus on flycatcher identification by sight, behavior, habitat, and voice.  This session is suitable for beginning and intermediate birders.

In Person Class Series: Birding by Ear (BBE) – Tackling the Tricky Ones with Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser
Classes: Thursday June 1 and Tuesday June 6, from 7:00-9:00pm
Location: The Nature Shop (8050 35th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98115)
Optional Field Trip: Washington Park Arboretum, Sunday June 4 from 7:00-10:00am
Tickets: $40 for class only, $40 + $5 with field trip (both with sliding scale)
Class Limit: 15
Some pairs and trios of Pacific Northwest birds are difficult to distinguish by sound – at first! Such as American Robin and Black-headed Grosbeak. Using various tools of “birding by ear (BBE)” – careful, analytical listening; sonograms; mnemonics – we’ll tackle some of these tricky ones, highlighting the distinctions and clues that can help tell them apart. Folks who have had some experience with birding by ear will enjoy this class the most; this class will likely be frustrating for people just starting to listen to birds. Reading Nathan Pieplow’s webpage beforehand is recommended.

In-Person Field Class: Birding at Mount St. Helens with Gina Roberti and Brendan McGarry This class is at capacity. Please register for the wait list.
Date: Saturday, April 15 Saturday, June 3 from 3:00-7:00pm. This class has been postponed due to snowpack.
Meeting location: Coldwater Lake Picnic Area. Indoor restrooms area available at the parking area, but not along the trail
Tickets: $55 with sliding scale
Trip Accessibility: 1 (leisurely pace), C (hiking trails with rolling hills), up to 3.5 miles of hiking depending upon the needs of the group
Group size limit: 20
Note: Transportation to this class will not be arranged by Seattle Audubon. Participants must arrange their own transportation.

Join us as we tour the diverse mosaic of habitats created by the 1980 eruption and learn about where to see some of Mount St. Helen’s signature birds. We will visit some of the best and most accessible birding sites on the north side of Mount St. Helens including the Hummocks trail, Coldwater Lake and the Boundary Trail. Our trip will focus on habitat type and distribution and will include a substantial amount of hiking (up to 3.5 miles). Learn more about the trip details, such as accessibility, amenities, cell phone reception, and more on THIS DOCUMENT, courtesy of Gina Roberti. The end-of-day timing is designed to align with early evening birdsong and bird activity. NOTE: there is no separate in-person or online class associated with this event. The “class” will happen in the field, at Mount St. Helens.

This field trip will familiarize you with the most accessible birding locations in the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

More classes will be added soon. Please check back!

The live classes listed below have concluded. Register for access to the class recordings.

Online Class: Introduction to Warblers and Vireos of the PNW with Hans deGrys
Date: Thursday, May 11 from 7:30-9:30pm
Tickets: $20 with sliding scale
Warblers are one of the most sought after groups of breeding songbirds due to their brilliant colors, distinctive vocalizations, and fascinating natural history.  Their varying plumages, habitats, and songs make them an interesting and challenging group for birders. This class will focus on both the natural history and the identification (by sight and sound) of this group of songbirds.  We will also compare and contrast warblers to some superficially similar groups such as vireos and kinglets.  This session is suitable for beginning and intermediate birders.

Online Class Series: Avian Architects – Nests and How Birds Build Them with Connie Sidles
Dates: Wednesdays, April 26, May 3, 10, and 17 from 7-8:00pm
Tickets: $75 with sliding scale
For birds, making a nest is perhaps the most crucial activity in their lives. If they choose a site wisely and build the nest skillfully, they may succeed in passing their genes to the next generation. Birds have evolved countless ways to nest successfully. Stick nests, mud nests, burrows, baskets, rafts, even holes in your house – birds’ ingenuity seems almost endless. And birds do it all without the benefit of hands, tools, or blueprints. Come let master birder Connie Sidles show you how. Nesting season is upon us, and the birds will be busy.

Recordings of classes are available for one month past the live class date

Do I register for each class separately?
Yes. Click on the Register Now button at the bottom of the class description to register for that class only.
Are classes recorded?
All online classes are recorded and links to view the recordings are emailed to registrants within a few days of the live class session. You do not need to let anyone know if you cannot attend the live session – you will receive the recording no matter what.
An online class series is underway. Can I still join?

Once a class series has started, we generally no longer accept registrations to join the live, online classes. You may register to receive the class recordings. Links to recordings can be found in the confirmation email that auto-sends when you register (check your junk and/or clutter boxes) if an online session has already happened, or will be emailed to you after the online session has finished.

How long are recordings available?
The class recording is available for one month past the live class session. If the class is a series of sessions (some classes have 2-4 sessions over a period of weeks), the recordings for all sessions in that series are available for one month past the last live class session date (e.g. if the last class in the series is on May 1, the recordings for the whole series will be available until June 1).
Do Seattle Audubon members receive a discount on online classes?
Yes. Current members of our local Seattle Audubon chapter receive a 20% discount on online classes as a benefit of annual membership. Select the member ticket at registration.
How do I use Zoom?
If you have never used Zoom, check out this YouTube tutorial.
What is the master birder class about and when is the next master birder class series happening?
Seattle Audubon offers the master birder program, a two-semester course and education-for-service program focusing on the identification and natural history of Washington’s birds. Usually offered every other year, participants benefit from an intensive study of Northwest birds and serve as valuable resources for Seattle Audubon and the community.
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