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Enhance your environmental education and science units with the aid of Seattle Audubon’s Education Kits. Originally developed by our Education staff for teacher use in Seattle Public Schools, these kits can also be used by Scout leaders, community centers, or any other adult hoping to educate a group of children about birds and nature!

SAS Stock Photo

SAS Stock Photo

All kits support Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Support documents are available upon request.

Each kit comes packed with hands-on props, project and group activity materials, and an easy-to-follow program guide. Materials provided in each kit may include:

  • Stuffed animals and/or puppets,
  • posters, picture books,field guides, DVDs, and CDs,
  • binoculars, electronics, and hand lenses,
  • actual bird specimens, including bird skins (birds that die of natural causes and are prepped by Seattle Audubon and the Burke museum for use in education settings), bird wings, bird feet, bird skeletons and/or bones, and feathers.

Program guides are individually developed for each kit and provides instructors with extensive, well-researched background information on a range of topics, as well as instructions to lead an array of fun, age-appropriate group activities and projects. Projects and group activities are adaptable for many ages, group sizes, and settings. No experience with teaching environmental education necessary!

SAS Stock Photo

SAS Stock Photo

Fee: Varies. $45-$55 per week and $10-$15 for each additional week. (Depending on kit.) $100-$200 refundable damage deposit required with each rental.

Group Size: Most kits have materials for 24-30 students.

Ages: Most kits include activities appropriate for children in grades 1-8, and can be adapted for use with high school-aged students. (Fledglings is appropriate for pre-K, and kindergarten students.)

Topics: Kit topics include: raptors, local birds, bird adaptations and flight physics, outdoor birding basics, and bird song identification. For a complete list, go to Kit Topic Summaries.

Rental and Reservation Information To reserve an education kit, please fill out our Education Kit and Bird Skin Request Form. For any questions, please contact Hanae Bettencourt, Education Manager, by phone at (206) 523-8243 ext 108 or by email at Education kit rentals require minimum one week advance notice. Kits must be reserved ahead of time. We often can not accommodate last-minute rentals.

SAS Stock PhotoTeacher Testimonials:
“Fantastic kit! The kids really enjoyed the Symphony of the Birds.”
“I wish I knew about you a long time ago! What a great resource!”
“The kids were very engaged.”

Common Birds of Seattle – Field Guide for Youth

Download and check out our new, updates Birds of Seattle Field Guide booklet to get to know 32 of the most common birds found in the Seattle area. With activities that help young birders learn how to identify birds by their habitat, beak shape, silhouette, calls, and behavior, this little printable has everything a kid needs to get out and start birding!

Seattle is For The BirdsSeattle is For the Birds

Developed in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle is For the Birds (PDF) is a fun workbook that introduces 6-10 year olds to some of Seattle’s most common birds.

We hope you will use this book to learn how to look at the birds all around us in a new light. Over a hundred different bird species share our great city. This book features 27 of them. Can you find them all in your neighborhood and nearby parks?

Printing Instructions: Print double-sided, then fold in half and staple. The pages are laid out to be in order when book is printed and folded this way. If you can’t print or copy double-sided, tape facing pages together, then fold and staple.