Nature of Your Neighborhood

Watch Out for Something Wild on Broadway
Did you know that there are likely more birds by weight in Capitol Hill than there are in an equivalent area of forest in the Cascades? Or that the tallest Hawthorn tree in the world lives in Volunteer Park? Or that several species of magic mushrooms grow around the neighborhood? All true. It might seem counterintuitive, but Capitol Hill is a great place to connect with nature.

We think that’s something worth celebrating. Each month, Seattle Audubon, the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, and the Seattle Bird Conservation Partnership are offering free workshops that will invite you to slow down, notice, and connect with the nature of your neighborhood.

Join us for one workshop or join us for all. Everybody welcome. Nobody pays.

December 10, 2020 @ 6 PM

Life in Surprising Places: Urban Birding in Capitol Hill

Are you restricting your travel? Are you missing outdoor adventures? Us too. But here’s the good news: You don’t need to leave the Hill to find something wild. Join Seattle Audubon’s Anna Murphy on a virtual trip across Capitol Hill to discover life in surprising places. Anna will lead us down 11th Ave E from Volunteer Park to Seattle University and along the way, we’ll learn about urban habitat types, how to identify the unique birds they support, and what we can do to make the neighborhood a safer place for them to live. Watch the recording on Vimeo.

Anna Murphy (she/her)

Anna Murphy (she/her)

Anna Murphy (she/her) is an environmental educator and naturalist passionate about sharing the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. She is interested in increasing cultural awareness in her approach to educational programming. Anna has led interpretive hikes and tours about Pacific Northwest flora and fauna for student groups and families through Seattle Parks, at the Seattle Aquarium and with the Seattle Mountaineers Club.

January 21, 2021 @ 6 PM

Habitat for All: Improving the Right-of-Way for Birds and People

Do you want to plant a tree, create butterfly habitat, or start a vegetable garden but don’t have a yard? Have you signed up for a plot at the Thomas Street P-Patch but know in your heart it’ll be a decade before you hear back? Well, have you considered what you can do in the right-of way?

Rights-of-way account for nearly 25% of Seattle’s land area and many are lined with planting strips that may be suitable for community gardening and other plantings. In this workshop, you’ll learn how improving the right-of-way with trees, plants, and gardens benefits birds and people. You’ll also learn about the many benefits of improving the right-of-way for health, safety, and the environment. You’ll also learn what steps you can take to make sure your right-of-way plantings are secure, legal, and viable over time. Register here!

Erin Fried (she/her)

Erin Fried (she/her)

Erin Fried, EcoDistrict Program Manager, is an urban planner with a background in environmental policy, diplomacy, and restorative justice. She leads the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict’s public life work and staffs the Capitol Hill Arts District. Originally from Baltimore, she lived in Capitol Hill for ten years and still enjoys meeting friends and colleagues in its many parks, sidewalks, and passageways.
Representative from SDOT Public Space Management

Representative from SDOT Public Space Management

Erin will be joined by a representative from Seattle Department of Transportation’s Public Space Management Team. We’ll update with their bio soon!

February 11, 2021 @ 6 PM

Mason Bees!

Learn how to keep and care for Mason Bees, our earliest native pollinators. This workshop will guide you through the process and materials needed to help you decide if Mason Bees are right for you and your garden, whether you have a small deck or an open garden. Registration opening in January 2021.

Jose Gonzales (he/him)

Jose Gonzales (he/him)

Jose Gonzales (he/him) has been a garden professional for over 20 years. Growing up in the PNW, Jose has learned to appreciate our unique climate and learned how to care for our natural environment through plants and gardening. He worked at City People’s Garden Store for 20 years, as well as being one of the owners through this year. As a gardener, helping people upkeep and design their garden areas, installing above ground drip irrigation, problem solving all kinds of plant issues- his passion for plants always shines through. He also finds great joy and satisfaction as the leader of the popular jazz trio, The Jose ‘Juicy’ Gonzales Trio.

March 2021


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April 2021

Container Gardening for Wildlife and Cooking

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More workshops are in the works. Check back for new announcements soon!

Nature of your Neighborhood workshops are part of the Seattle Bird Conservation Partnership’s Capitol Hill Connections project.