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Program Meeting: Divas in the treetops

Program Meeting: Divas in the treetops

Do female birds sing? They certainly do. Join Lauryn Benedict, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado for a fascinating presentation. 
July 23 @ 7 p.m. 

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NextGen Advisory Council

NextGen Advisory Council

Currently recruiting new members! Seattle Audubon has convened the NextGen Advisory Council to elevate the perspectives and expertise of young professionals and student activists in our work for birds and nature in the city.

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The Nature Shop
Where the profits are for the birds!

Birds of the Pacific Northwest

Seattle Audubon's regional guide is authored by local experts Tom Aversa, Richard Cannings, and Hal Opperman.

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Pacific Northwest Insects

A groundbreaking field guide by Dr. Merrill Peterson, featuring over 1,200 insect species with photographs.

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Centennial Blend Coffee

Our new Centennial Blend Coffee is organic, fair-trade certified, and shade-grown in Guatemala.

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