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Bluebird Nest Box

Bluebird Nest Box

Bluebirds nested primarily in woodpecker holes and other natural cavities during the colonial days. They were once abundant in rural and agricultural habitats, but they are vulnerable to changes that people bring to their world. Bluebird populations decline where farmland converts to forest; where suburbs replace open space and where they encounter their archrivals-- alien House Sparrows and European Starlings that aggressively compete for scarce nesting cavities.

Tips for selecting a site:

  • Bluebirds prefer farmland, meadows, rural schoolyards, cemeteries and other open habitats. They rarely nest in woodlands and cities.
  • Locate box within 50 feet of a tall tree, shrub or other solitary perch.
  • Mount the box on a freestanding 3/4" galvanized pipe or a sturdy fence post about five feet off the ground
  • Avoid locating nest box near a forest edge or shrubby hedgerow.
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