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Eastern or Western U.S. field guides. for bird identification

Sibley Birds West

Sibley Birds West

NEW 2nd edition.
•   Updated habitat, description, behavior, and conservation text for each species account and all family pages (drawn from the second edition of The Sibley Guide to Birds and tailored for the specific region). 
•   All illustrations, including new and revised illustrations of species and regional forms, are taken from the rescanned and meticulously color-corrected second printing of the second edition of the Sibley Guide
•   New design reflects the layout of The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition. All species accounts are now presented in columns, rather than stacked, allowing for better comparison and more illustrations and text for each species. 
•   Current taxonomic order and up-to-date common names. 
•   All maps revised to reflect the most current range information. 
•   More species and rarities included.

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