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Ruby's Birds

Ruby's Birds

Ruby’s Birds, by Mya Thompson. Illustrated by Claudia Dávila (ages 4-8)

Everyone has a spark bird, and young Ruby’s is the Golden-winged Warbler. Ruby is a restless elementary-school-aged New Yorker, whose singing out her apartment window attracts the attention of her Costa Rican neighbor (and birder) Eva. The two walk to Central Park where Eva shares the homeland connection she has to the warblers in the trees above them. Told through Ruby’s own words, the story showcases mentorship, female connectedness, cultural community (Ruby is black, and Eva is Latinx), and ease of access for urban birding. Ruby is so inspired by the warblers that she brings her family back to the park the following Sunday, to share the birds with them.

Ruby’s Birds is published through The Cornell Lab Publishing Group (an imprint of WunderMill Books), so the illustrations depict accurate plumage, and once the story ends, the book includes additional “Ruby’s tips” for starting one’s own urban birding practice.  

Review by Bryony Angell

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