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The Real Poop on Pigeons

The Real Poop on Pigeons

The Real Poop on Pigeons, by Kevin McCloskey (ages 6-10)

I love it when the publishers of a grown up imprint recognize the potential for a kids series, in this case the edgy indie comic publisher RAW (founded by Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly) has come out with this wonderful quasi-natural history picture book. Comic artist McCloskey gathers pigeon trivia to dispel the trope that pigeons are flying rats. Did you know Picasso loved them and named his daughter Paloma (Spanish for dove)? Or that pigeons were the first letter mail carrier system before horses and cars? McCloskey saves the coolest (and maybe grossest) bit for last—the crop milk that pigeons produce for their young. That along with the poop in the title will get any elementary school age kid excited about this book.

Review by Bryony Angell

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