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Your morning cup of coffee with a conscience!

Seattle Audubon Organic Shade-grown Ground Coffee, 5lbs

Seattle Audubon Organic Shade-grown Ground Coffee, 5lbs
There’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning! Say, how about a warm cup of coffee with a conscience? Each cup of Seattle Audubon Coffee helps to save migratory bird habitat. Make the connection with your coffee choice, and enjoy the rich, velvety flavor of our fine organic brew.

What does coffee have to do with the birds? Plenty. Scientists and birdwatchers have marked a sharp decline in migratory bird populations over the last 25 years. In the mid-elevations of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia, most of the forests still standing are in traditional coffee plantations. These provide the last refuge for birds that have lost their habitat to the destruction of the tropical forests. Coffee, a shade-loving shrub, flourishes under the canopy of diverse tree species. Hummingbirds, swallows, warblers, orioles, tanagers and other migratory birds that breed in North America in the summer find safe haven in the remaining forests of shade-grown coffee plantations in winter. All of our coffee is certified fair-trade, certified organic and grown in shade conditions. Each single-origin coffee is roasted to bring out its full potential, and all coffee is roasted fresh. By buying coffee that is grown in the shade, you can help protect increasingly scarce habitat for birds. In addition, a portion of the sales of this coffee will directly support Seattle Audubon’s efforts to protect migratory birds.

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