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Feather Groups & Molt for Beginning Birders

with Hans de Grys

Lectures: Thursdays, March 8 and 15, 7pm-9pm 
Location: Lakeside School, Room Allen-Gates 101
Cost: $50/$65 
Limit: 22

Appropriate for BEGINNER birders.

If you have ever listened to birders in the field, you might have heard mention of wing bars, the malar stripe, or upper tail coverts.  Birders have their own highly specific language to discuss the appearance and patterns found on birds, especially as they relate to feathers and feather groups.  If you've ever wondered where the malar stripe is, or what exactly the coverts are covering, this is the class for you.  We will look in some detail at the feather groups on different kinds of birds, from songbirds to hawks to ducks.  We will also discuss the basics of molt, and how and why birds' feathers change in appearance throughout the year.  This class will feature some lecture and some hands-on activities.  No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.
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