Leading a local community in appreciating, understanding, and protecting birds and their natural habitats.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Seattle Audubon! Volunteers are the heart of Seattle Audubon, and have worked tirelessly for birds and nature since our founding in 1916.

How Do I Volunteer?
If you are interested in volunteering with Seattle Audubon, please fill out our Online Volunteer Application.  After receiving your application, the Community Engagement Manager will call or email you to discuss interests, skills, and requirements.

Monthly Volunteer Open House 
Not sure where to start? Attend a monthly Volunteer Open House to learn about Seattle Audubon's work and options to be involved. Open Houses are held each month on the 2nd Tuesday from 6:00-7:00pm at the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop or at select locations in other neighborhoods. Check our event calendar to confirm the location, and contact Wendy Walker, Community Engagement Manager, to let us know you are coming at (206) 523-8243 x 110 or via email

What Volunteer Opportunities are available?
Check out our Current Volunteer Opportunities page for more information about volunteer positions with Seattle Audubon.  Please note that leadership opportunities (Board Members, Committee Chair Positions, etc.) may be available, but aren't listed.  Contact the Community Engagement Manager for more information.

Tracking your volunteer hours
Volunteer time is one of Seattle Audubon's essential assets. We use your self-reported hours both to understand what programs are accomplishing, and to project what support would be needed to launch a new effort. 

Volunteer hours are self-reported twice a year. Please submit hours to the Community Engagement Manager for hours accumulated between January 1-June 30 by July 15 and for July 1-December 31 by January 15 each year. Please include total hours given to each program area in which you volunteer. Hours may be submitted using a volunteer hours tracker spreadsheet, by detailed email, or by phone to 206-523-8243 x110.    
January 1- June 30
Nature Shop: 24 hours
Neighborhood Bird Project: 10 hours
Classes Committee: 6 hours

Travel time to and from your volunteer job may be included as volunteer hours. 
(Note: Current Master Birder students should separately track hours given between April 1, 2018 and the end of the the program separately, per instructions from the Master Birder coordinator.)  

Do you have internships?
Seattle Audubon is not currently able to host interns. 

Volunteer Resources 
Does your employer have a Matching Funds Program for your volunteer service in the community?

Employer matching gift programs are an easy way to instantly increase the impact of your gift of volunteer time to Seattle Audubon.  Please contact your employer's human resources department to find out if your volunteer hours are matched.  Contact Seattle Audubon's Development Department at (206) 523-8243 x 105 to complete the process.

Thank you for wanting to make a real difference to protect birds and nature!

Seattle Audubon is nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Copyright Seattle Audubon.